Like Scrabble You Will Love Words with Friends

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If you are a Scrabble geek then this game is a must for your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Words With Friends is a Scrabble clone that offers fewer features but a much larger player pool along with the all important Push notifications.

Unlike other online Scrabble games you are matched to a random player unless there is a friend you wish to play with. Other apps rank your play and match you accordingly.

Words With Friends requires that you register. Once that is complete its easy to find friends around the country you wish to play with.

There are a few differences to the board layout. Instead of four triple word spaces there are eight and a different scattering of bonus tiles. The big obstacle is the score keeping. You are not informed of your score until after you have moved. So you may want to dust off those mental math skills and keep track yourself.

It’s a simplistic app that outshines the more complex apps. The user face is well designed, the “last moved” timers run almost in real time. The push notifications alert you to when it’s your turn next if you are pre occupied.

It is gaining in popularity and can be somewhat addictive to play. If you like Scrabble you need to check out Words With Friends.

Oh and if you are more of an Android fan there's app for that too.

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