MORIS Makes Hiding Criminal History Harder

While some police departments are already using digital photos for facial recognition, a new smartphone accessory is making it much easier. The Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System, or MORIS, is attached to the back of smartphones for cops to verify identities and reveal criminal history in just a few minutes.

Made by B12 Technologies, the system links to a national database with millions of iris and face images, outstanding warrants, and sex offender information.

However, with a price tag of $3,000 apiece and concerns of facial profiling, it's unlikely the device will catch on too quickly.

"If the purpose is to determine instantly an individual’s identity and determine whether they are wanted or have serious criminal history, that is not only a desirable use, it is an important use," says Bernard Melekian, director of the COPS program. "To simply collect information on individuals to add to the database would not in my opinion be a desirable use of the technology."

Cops in Brockton, Massachusetts tested a prototype last summer. While the iris scan worked perfectly, the fingerprinting wasn't so precise. B12 has since improved the system and is also submitting the app and hardware to Apple for approval.

Photo: B12 Technologies, Source: The Wall Street Journal

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