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People bet on many things: the outcome of the latest football game, which horse will win the Kentucky derby, who can funnel the most beers. However, did you know you can also bet when the large hadron collider will destroy the Earth or whether or not a casino will be on the moon by the year 2040? At you can. allows participants to make a prediction or challenge someone else’s. However, the forecasts or bets must focus on topics that are important to science/society. Predictors and bettors must also include an argument explaining why the topic is important and why they feel they are right (an intellectual betting site, if you will). Bets cannot be revoked once made and all winnings will be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice.

Though many of the bettors will never live to see the outcome of their unlikely wagers (by 2150, schools will teach students how to fight against robot attacks), there have been a few lucky winners. One man predicted the existence of Netflix in 2002, while another argued that that US men’s soccer team would win the World Cup before the Red Sox won the World Series.

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