Martha Stewart Cocktails App Available For iPad

As a Martha Stewart wanna be, I find this new iPad app rather intriguing. For 99 cents you can download the Martha Stewart Cocktails.

Once you click through the age restricted information and confirm you are old enough, you have to be at least 17 years-old, and you can browse the twenty recipes provided. She covers everything from an Herbal Lillet Cooler to a Caiprinha a Brazilian drink made with sugarcane liquor.

This app is a tad more helpful than the bartender’s guide taking up space on a bookshelf. In true Martha Stewart fashion each recipe has a brief history or tip to go along with the cocktail. There is even a how-to video that explains the highly complicated art of muddling mint leaves.

No bar guide from the queen of the domestic divas would be complete without a few bar snack recipes. She goes the extra mile, as if she wouldn’t, and suggests pairings. You could enjoy her Herbed Deviled Eggs with a Pineapple-Rum cocktail.

Also available are four other 20 recipe packs with more snacks included for a dollar a pop. So for five bucks you can own a hundred drink recipes.

As you would expect Martha’s branding is all over, but the diva herself is absent from the app. Despite that it is still “a good thing”.

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