Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, What Mobile Game is the Most Popular of Them All?

tetris game

Tetris is now officially the most popular mobile game of all time! Yesterday, Blue Planet Software, Inc. and EA Mobile™ announced that Tetris has reached over 100 million paid downloads on mobile phones since 2005. Impressive.

According to an article in the Toronto Sun, Tetris is available in 60 countries on about 64,000 different handsets. Americans beginning playing the game on their cell phones in 2001.

"Tetris on mobile will never go away,” Henk Rogers, CEO of Blue Planet Software, said in a release. “As mobile devices get into the hands of more people, so does Tetris. People are always looking for ways to fill their time.”

Though nearly everyone has heard of Tetris, few people know it's history. Russian computer engineer Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris in 1985, while working for the Computing Center of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Tetris made its way to the West in 1986 and became immensely popular after the Game Boy release in 1989. However, thanks to USSR copyright law at the time of the game’s creation, the government owned the rights to Tetris and Pajitnov was not entitled to any earnings. He only started profiting from his creation in 1996, a delay that cost him millions in royalties.

Here's a link to the official Tetris release. Or check out the gallery of Tetris tattoos.

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