Motorola Patents “Smellphone”

They already buzz, blink, and vibrate, and soon mobile phones may be able to release scents as well.

Information Week reports that the mobile phone manufacturer Motorola has received a patent for “a “communication device having a scent release feature and method thereof.” So what does that mean exactly? It seems the new technology will turn cell phones into a “wireless capable Glade Plugin.”

It works like this: the technology would use heat from the phone’s battery to heat a replaceable scent pack. The pack would then release a presumably delightful fragrance into the air, a scent so strong that it can overpower local odors when necessary.

“Plug-in units typically provide a stronger scent over a broader area than non-plug-in scented items, given that the scents are activated by the heat energy,” explains the patent.

If you think there’s no demand for scented cell phones, Motorola disagrees.

"Some cellular telephone users are the same individuals who enjoy having plug-in scent units located around their homes, and may miss not having a nice smelling fragrance while they are on the go," the patent states. "Therefore, a need exists for a communication device such as a cellular telephone that can address some of the above-mentioned problems."

I hope this doesn’t mean there will soon be a lot smellophones with clashing scents roaming around. Plus, what happens if someone invents a fart or vomit scent pack (and you know someone will).

What do you think of the “smellphone?” A cool feature or an utterly useless one?


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