Motorola Xoom Takes Best In Show

The annually held Consumer Electronics Show saw many new tablets to rival the iPad at this year’s event.   One of them was the much touted Motorola Xoom, no bigger than an iPad the black slab will squelch any other competition it may have against the iPad.

The Xoom is said to be the main competitor as the iPad 2 is released later this year.  It features the new Google custom built Android 3 Honeycomb OS. It has a dual core-Tegra 2 processor, includes 10 inch display, HDMI –out with video play back and front and back facing cameras. It also has a SD card slot for more storage.   It will be connected to the super fast Verizon 4G LTE network.

The Honeycomb OS is the first that could actually give the Apple's iOS a run for its money.

The tablet was so impressive that despite it not being ready yet it still earned the coveted “Best In CES” award. 

Not only did Motorola take best of show honors they also earned Best Mobile Device honors.  Their new mobile phone Atrix is a dual core super smart phone. It can be docked to a lap top dock and turned into a fully functional computer platform.


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