Need Help Cheating? There's an App for That!

Philanderers take note! There is a new app in town that will make it easier for you to continue with your no good, cheating ways: TigerText.

Named after the now infamous Tiger Woods, TigerText is an iPhone app that automatically deletes text messages from a sender’s phone, a recipient’s phone, and the server of a service provider. If you recall, Tiger’s wife Elin supposedly busted her husband after spotting incriminating messages on his cell phone.

One big perk to TigerText is that it allows users to control the lifespan of a message. Cautious/paranoid types can set their message to delete on read, meaning the message will self-destruct 60 seconds after the receiver opens it, or they may select a more lenient timeframe, say a couple of hours or so. Once TigerText deletes a message, it’s gone forever. Only a trail of tiger paw prints will remain (and even that can be deleted with the “delete history” setting). The only drawback is that both parties must have TigerText installed on their phones so you’re out of luck if your “special friend” doesn’t own an iPhone.

TigerText is the perfect app for cheaters, sexters, shady politicians, drug dealers, and anyone else who has something to hide. Interested? Click here for more information.

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