Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts Encourages Shoppers to Dream Big

The economy might be in the crapper, but not everyone is living paycheck to paycheck. Neiman Marcus released its 2011 Christmas book this week, offering wealthy shoppers a slew of fantasy gifts including a $125,000 custom-built library, a $395,000 Ferrari, and an international flower show tour valued at $420,000. Get out your check books!

The luxury items listed above are just three of the nine fantasy gifts offered by the high-end department store this holiday season. Shoppers with lots o' loot can also purchase a Hacker-Craft speedboat complete with 23-karat gold leafing and underwater lighting for $250,000, a luxury yurt (nomadic tent) for $75,000, and a private Johnnie Walker Scotch tasting, personal bagpiper and all, for a mere $5,000. Men and women who really want to live it up can purchase his-and-her dancing water fountains for their estate, though they’ll have to cough up a million dollars for the privilege. Each gift comes with a significant donation to a charitable organization.

First published in 1926, the annual Neiman Marcus Christmas book traditionally contains a mix of out of this world fantasy gifts and more down to earth items like $78.00 Kate Spade earrings and $36.00 petit fours.

If money were no object, which fantasy gift would you select?

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