Netflix to Offer Original Content?

Netflix, the popular video streaming and DVD rental website, may soon have something new to offer its more than 20 million subscribers: an original series.

According to, Netflix has outbid several major cable networks, including HBO and AMC, for the rights to House of Cards, a drama series executive produced and directed by David Fincher. Kevin Spacey stars in the series and will also serve as executive producer.

Netflix reportedly landed the highly-coveted show after committing to an unheard of two seasons, or 26 episodes. With a price tag of $4 – 6 million dollar per episode, the House Cards deal will likely cost Netflix over $100 million. Will the gamble pay off?

Some critics point out that the new deal isn’t much less than the deals Netflix struck with ABC and CBS to access the networks’ content libraries, and that streaming original content goes against the company’s core values of helping users find the personalized (existing) content that is right for them. Proponents like how Netflix refuses to allow cable networks and distributors to dictate which shows Netflix subscribers can view, instead going directly to TV producers to obtain the content people want, and think users will too.

Based on a British book and miniseries by the same name, House of Cards will be produced by David Fincher, Kevin Spacey, Eric Roth, and Joshua Donen. The House of Cards novel, written by Michael Dobbs, is the story of a British politician scheming to replace Margaret Thatcher as prime minister. David Fincher and playwright-screenwriter Beau Willimon have adapted the story for the U.S.  

Would you watch a series available only on Netflix?

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