New Device Transmits Kisses Through Computer

Online dating may have just gotten a boost.  A vast amount of communication is based on nonverbal interactions and online relationships don’t allow for physical closeness.   However, there is a new device that takes a step to create that sense of physicality that all relationships thrive on.

Researchers in Japan have invented a device that will record and relay your finest efforts at kissing.  The device is very simplistic with a plastic implement that takes input from mouth A and transmits it to a second box for mouth B. Now B can respond in kind or just sit back and enjoy it.  Or to put simply, you take the straw like plastic in your mouth and twist it around with your tongue.  The box at the other end twists in the same direction and will simulate a kiss for the other person if they are daring enough to hold the box with the straw in their mouth. 

Researchers admit there is still work to be done. This techno affection lacks the sense of taste, feel, and manner of breathing and moistness of the tongue.  Of course these are all important tangibles to determine the success of a kiss.

Once they get the devise to market, they imagine that it could develop into a unique market for reselling kiss replays of celebrities.  It may also open the doors to other elements of online dating. 

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