New Gadgets to Debut at CES

One of the biggest tradeshows to take place every year is the Consumer Electronics Show or CES.  It is the opportunity for electronics companies to debut new and exciting products that they hope will be the next big thing on the gadget scene.

One of the promising products is the Samsung Player.  It is expected to rival that of the iPod Touch.  It features a touch screen that is about the size of a phone.  The screen is a 3.2 inch LCD. It has a 1000mAh replaceable battery, Wifi and an SD card for expandable memory. The cool thing too is that it has a free range for the Android market.   The only known drawback is the plastic case. 

You can be sure that CES will also feature a series of new tablets to compete with Apple.  Manufacturers are building new tablets that leverage the features Steve Jobs left out of the first iPad.  The iPad lacks a camera, has no USB or HMDI ports and does not support Flash.   A tablet with these features ought to prove more appealing to the consumer.  Most if the new to market tablets will utilize the Android Operating System while a few will feature Windows 7 or Linux.  

Lastly, the other big product category to see innovation is the 3D Television.  Toshiba has developed a TV that does not require the prerequisite glasses to view a 3D screen.  The technology is more user friendly but the 3D effect is more subtle. The one thing it does have over the typical 3D TV is that the viewing angles better all around.

Watch for these products to hit the market place later this year.  They may be the next big items for Christmas 2011.


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