New Software Lets You Wait for A Table Anywhere

How many times have you gone out to eat only to arrive at the restaurant, be put on a waiting list and handed a bulky plastic square thing with flashing buzzing lights? It’s not the most pleasant experience to be stuck waiting for a table when you have other things you could be doing.  Well, what if I told you a couple of smart guys developed a new way to wait? 

There is new software called Texaurant that works with your cell phone.  It lets you see the wait the time at your favorite eatery and enter yourself into the queue. When it’s your time to be seated your phone will receive an alert.  Genius isn’t it?  No more waiting at a crowded bar or standing around the entrance. 

Textaurant is currently working with select restaurants in the Boston and Providence areas. The owner of Right Fork Diner on Martha’s Vineyard is quoted on the website as saying “Textaurant made our busiest summer yet more manageable”  If Restaurant owners are impressed, imagine how delighted their patrons must be. 

The company is in discussions with a few national chains but haven’t landed one yet.  Their big fish would be the Cheesecake Factory, where waits can be up to an hour or more.


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