New Website Helps Consumers Figure Out the Best Time to Make a Purchase

Looking for a new digital camera, DVD player, or other electronic device? Check out, a new website that tracks prices and helps consumers decide when to purchase that wanted item. Shopobot is different than other price comparison websites in that it keeps track of the price changes e-vendors make throughout the week, a move that can save consumers $50 or more.

“It seems like if you buy it today, it will be the same as tomorrow,” said Dave Matthews, a Shopobot co-founder. “But even at Amazon a digital camera might move $50 or $100 throughout a week, a level that we were pretty shocked at.”

To provide users with up-to-date pricing information, Shopobot crawls the web sites of 12 retailers, including,, and, several times a day or every couple of hours for popular items. Unlike other price comparison sites, Shopobot doesn’t accept feeds from online retailers as the company feels retailers misrepresent and change prices to maximize revenue and wage price wars with other e-vendors. 

Though Shopobot currently focuses on videogames and electronic devices, the site’s founders hope to eventually expand to sports, home appliances, and other areas.

Shopobot is free to use, so give it a try if you’re considering an electronics purchase!

The New York Times

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