No Dice for Idaho Gaming Suit

Poor Wendy Knox and Richard Dotson.


The Idaho couple filed a lawsuit in 2008 claiming the gaming machines at a tribal casino caused them to gamble compulsively. As a result, the dim-witted duo lost their jobs, their home, and tens of thousands of dollars. The pair tried to claim that the machines violated a state prohibition on gambling and should be removed, but Idaho voters approved tribal gambling in 2001. Not surpisingly, Idaho courts ruled that the lawsuit had no merit. The couple pushed the ridiculous lawsuit it all the way to the Idaho Supreme Court, but no dice (pun fully intended).


What on earth were these two thinking? If they can't gamble, no one can? That they had no control over their own actions? That the state owes them something because they stupidly gambled all their money away? The nerve of some people, I tell you what!


Source: The Associated Press

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