OK Go Creates GPS App Art

It started with a musical parade around the streets of Los Angeles. The band OK Go had an idea for a digital art project using the new iPhone app Range Rover Pulse of the City. With tons of fans in tow, the group paraded along an 8-mile route to spell the name of the band. Then they used the footage as the music video for their song "Back From Kathmandu" (watch it below)!

Now, OK Go is asking fans to download the free app themselves and create their own GPS art, "like a giant Etch-a-Sketch." They are going to take the best entries and compile one big celebratory video!

You can share the GPS image of your route, along with photos and video of the making. They advise that you plan your journey beforehand, move at a consistent pace, and go slower around corners. Then visit www.helloevoque.com/okgo/ to upload your journey!

Here's the "Back From Kathmandu" music video, along with a "How To" explanation of how they did it! If you're not familiar with OK Go, watch a few of their famous viral videos too!

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