Pamper Pups, Calm Cats at a 7 Star Pet Resort

With luxury suites, personal butlers, plasma TVs, landscaped gardens, and indoor fountains, you may not believe this 7 star resort is actually for pets. It can cost up to $100 per night to board your dog or cat, and that doesn't include additional services like boot camp!

Urban Tails Pet Resort in Dubai offers Doggie Suites with garden views, sheepskin rugs, raised beds, and security cameras. All of the suites overlook an indoor oasis with fountains and plenty of greenery, plus classical music is played throughout the resort to promote calmness.

Overweight dogs can attend Doggie Boot Camp, which consists of a fully equipped, air conditioned, indoor gym and outdoor pools and obstacle courses.

For the felines, the Cattery has spacious houses with perches and dark hidey-holes for sleeping. There's a large kitty jungle with scratch posts and each cat gets cuddle and play time up to twice a day.

Check out these photos!

Source, Photos: Urban Tails Pet Resort

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