Paper, Plastic, or Robotic? Introducing PaPeRo!

PaPeRo, so cute!

Who wasn't excited when the first self check-out lanes appeared at grocery stores? That is, until the machines started malfunctioning, like repeatedly telling you to bag our item when you already did! Anyway, this new invention from Japan hopes to make your self check-out experience much more enjoyable.

Meet PaPeRo, the robotic cashier recently introduced at RetailTech Japan 2010. Apparently the company behind this 15" tall talking robot has been trying to find the perfect purpose for him (or her?) for nearly a decade and I guess they've settled on this. Clever.

PaPeRo verbally guides you on scanning your items and making a payment, although those same instructions are clearly displayed on the screen as well, so I think this little guy is just for fun. The video below shows how it works. The coolest part is how the guy pays by simply scanning his cell phone! Now that's a useful innovation!

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