Parker Brothers Choppers Creates Street Legal "Tron" Lightcycle

Parker Brothers Choppers, not to be confused with the toymaker, has made exact replicas of the motorcycles in the sci-fi movie Tron, known as Lightcycles.  It’s an amazing looking bike with fiber carbon laminated rims and custom wheels.   It is street legal with an engine that will run on electric or gas depending on what the lucky owner wants.  They even offer a futuristic bike helmet like the ones in the movie.

There are only five in existence and they were auctioned off on ebay this past summer with a starting price of $35,000.  The lucky winners will certainly have the best Christmas present this year.

I’ve heard of toys and other movie related items to help increase the buzz around a project but this has to be the best promotion yet.  It’s one really sweet looking ride and perhaps a tad dangerous.

Check out the test drive for the bike below.

Parker Brothers Choppers motto is "If you can dream it, we can build it".  That is pretty cool. Not only did they develope this bike but there are more on their website worth checking out. 

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