Picasso Paintings Promoted with QR Codes

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is about to begin featuring a Pablo Picasso exhibit and an advertising agency is using a high tech way of letting people know about it.

"We started thinking about Picasso and how progressive he was as an artist and it made sense to use technology," says Keith Cartwright, group creative director at the Martin Agency.

QR codes are being strategically placed inside 33 Starbucks stores around Richmond so those equipped with mobile phones can preview some pieces and even buy tickets to the show.

The agency also managed to create their own black and white masterpiece in Picasso's likeness using QR codes, short for quick response codes.

Other surrounding cities can expect to see ads with the internet enabling codes too as the agency strives to publicize the prestigious art exhibit as much as they can. A collection of 176 pieces will be on display for "Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris" which opens February 19th.  

Source: Mashable

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