Playboy Hard Drive Features Every Issue of Magazine

Fans of Playboy (for the articles no doubt) have something new to lust over: a 250GB hard drive that features every issue of the popular men's magazine from 1953 - 2009.

The hard drive contains over 650 issues, or 100,000 pages, of Playboy magazine, complete with original pictures, centerfolds, and articles. The most famous Playmates (Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy, The Girls Next Door, etc.) are all just a click or two away, as are all of the publication's stimulating articles. Even if you're not of fan of the controversial magazine, you have to admit the archive hard drive is a neat idea.

Playboy's hard drive will set you back $300 and you'll have to download the Cover to Cover digital reader software to view the content, but where else can you find all of Playboy's issues in one spot? I have a feeling more than a few men will be getting the drive as a gift this Christmas.

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