PlugShare App Provides Charging Station Locations

Running out of juice on the road is one of the biggest concerns people have about driving electric vehicles. However, a new app hopes to reassure those suffering from “range anxiety.”

Available for the iPhone and the iPad, PlugShare is a "community-powered vehicle charging network” that displays a map of public charging stations as well as a list of people who are willing to share their personal charging stations for free. The app isn’t just for electric car owners, however. Anyone can share register to share their electrical outlets.

"We want to build and support a community that's creating a paradigm shift to a massively cleaner type of transportation," Xatori co-founder and CEO told TechCrunch. "The reality is that most people will charge their electric vehicles at home and not exceed the range of their vehicle very often. This app provides a kind of backup plan, and lets you feel comfortable. If you did miscalculate, you'd be ok."

PlugShare certainly sounds good, but as TechCrunch notes why would someone offer their outlet and electricity for free? Xatori offers this theory:

“Mom and pop shops along a route where there are a lot of people driving and not a lot of places to charge could say we want to support EVs, become part of the charging network and draw customers. Electricity costs about 15 cents an hour in most of the U.S. now, so it’s not much of an expense to do this.”

PlugShare is free and users can download the app from iTunes or the PlugShare website. Xatori hopes to support President Obama’s mission to help America break its dependence on oil and become the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

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