Polaroid and Lady Gaga Team Up With Futuristic Designs

WOW! Polaroid let Lady Gaga design a product line. All products are rather futuristic to say the least, but what else would you expect from the eccentric songstress.
She breezed into the Consumer Electronics Show this week to unveil her creations.

First up is the GL 10. It is a Bluetooth portable printer.  It uses die-sublimation technology to produce 4x3 instant prints. The device should work with any mobile phone or other portable device, just don’t expect your iPhone work with it.  This uber cool gadget will be available this spring and will retail for $149.00.

Next is the GL20, a pair of shades that will reflect the environment around you. This is perhaps the most futuristic design of them all.  Imagine recording everything around you and feeding the stream to lenses located on your sunglasses.  That’s what these bad boys will do.  Each of the lenses has 1.4 inch LCD screens that show images via a tiny camera mounted on the frame.  If you’d rather view something else just pop in an SD card and enjoy.  These would be so much fun at the next girl’s night out; you could capture everything to replay at a later date.  Was this what Cory Hart had in mind when he sang about wearing sunglasses at night?

Sadly, there is no release date and this concept may not make it out of research and development.  The pair on display at CES is a mere prototype.


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