Poll: Average Teenage Girl Sends 100 Texts a Day

Forget actually talking on the phone. These days, the kids are all about texting. A new poll reveals that teenage girls between the ages of 14 and 17 send an average of 100 texts a day. OMG that’s a lot of texts!

The poll, conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, found that the average teen, girls and boys included, shoots off 60 texts a day. In 2009, they were only sending 50 texts on any given day, so texting is only becoming more popular. In fact, 63% of teens exchange text messages every day, but only 39% actually call their friends on the phone every day or visit them in person (35%). Landline usage among teens is even worse, but that’s hardly surprising considering that hardly anyone has a landline these days. I’m an ancient 32, and I haven’t had a landline in nearly 15 years. 

Here are a few other highlights from the Pew poll.

  • 69% of the heaviest texters (those who send a 100 texts or more a day) are also heavy talkers (talking daily on their cell phone). How do they have time to do anything else?
  • 77% of teens ages 12-17 to have a cell phone of some kind.
  • 31% of teens between the ages of 14-17 have a smartphone.
  • Only 6% of American teens “check in” with online location services like Foursquare.

Teens had better be careful with all that texting, though, as texts are phones and other gadgets are responsible for 25% of all traffic accidents.

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