Pranksters Market Bandage for iPhone 4

If you have even a slight interest in Apple or the company's wildly successful iPhones, you've already heard about the "grip of death" problem plaguing iPhone 4. Grip the phone a certain way and the antenna strength plummets.

Grip of Death

While Apple CEO Steve Jobs initially told users to simply hold the phone another way, the company held a last-minute press conference on Friday (July 16th) where Jobs announced that Apple will offer a free bumper to users experiencing antenna issues. Apple has not currently released details on how to claim a bumper, but is expected to soon. In the meantime, jokesters have come up with their own solution: Antenn-aid, or colorful band-aids to designed to "make Apple's boo-boo all better." Get yours today!

Source: Gizmodo via a bunch of other sites

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