Presenting Skiff, the Latest (and Greatest?) e-book Reader

Those who haven’t yet committed to buying an e-book reader (or those who hate the one they have), now have a new device to consider: Skiff.

Slated for release later this year, Skiff boasts the largest, most high-resolution display of all e-book readers (11.5 inches and a resolution of 1200x1600 pixels). What else does this new device having going for it? Try a sturdy, non-glass display, full touchscreen capabilities, a thin design, and a long battery life, just to name a few. Skiff is also the only e-book reader optimized for newspaper and magazine content.

Sprint will provide 3G connectivity for Skiff’s United States devices. While there is no official word on exactly when the e-reader will be available for purchase or how much the gadget will cost, eager customers will be able to purchase Skiff at Sprint retail locations across America or online at

Any guesses on how much a Skiff will set someone back?

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