Quick Response Tags Make Westminster Appearance

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The prestigious Westminster Dog Show has come a long way since 1877.  It has seen the development of television and the internet, technologies the event has leveraged. 

This year’s show was no different.  The event embraced social media and blasted information through Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube.  The neatest technology to be employed was what they call a QR tag or quick response tag.

One savvy handler made sure anyone could keep track of his Boston terrier, Hoss, with ease.  Ken Roux put a QR tag on Hoss’s crate. It is a series of sophisticated small squares randomly placed in a larger square. The pattern is larger than an inch square and anyone pointing a smartphone at it will automatically be taken to Hoss’s web site.

Brook Berth, assistant to Hoss’s handler, had only heard of one other dog at the show with a QR tag.  The new technology makes it easier for people to access information about the dog instantly.

“I noticed a lot of people taking pictures,” Berth said. “It’s just so convenient. You don’t have to worry about people writing down information or passing out cards. They have it all right away”

It’s almost like bar coding your dog.  Perhaps next year’s show will see more of these quick response tags.

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