Real Talk! Rah Digga's Straight Spittin' App!

Tired of rap battlin' the same ol' homeboys in your hood? With Rah Digga's Straight Spittin' iPhone app, you can challenge MCs from all over the world! Whether bustin' out written rhymes or just freestylin', Rah Digga believes aspiring rappers could achieve record deals from this app.

"As someone who prefers more aggressive rhyming, it's always refreshing to hear people rhyme like their lives depend on it," Digga explains. "Hearing battle raps can remind people of what a real lyricist should sound like...or not."

Features include a rehearsal mode, the ability to schedule battles ahead of time and leave verses in an opponent's inbox.

Non-rappers can also enjoy the app by listening to battles and voting on the best. As MCs win more battles, they progress up the ranks from "Unsigned Hype" to "Gold", and then eventually to "Platinum".

Peep this demo playa!


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