Redbox Is Launching A Subscription Service For DVD's

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We have all seen the Redbox kiosks in front of the local drug store or the 7 Eleven.  It’s a convenient way to rent a movie without having to trudge to the video store. Even Blockbuster has gotten in on the kiosk action with well placed boxes in grocery stores.  

 Now trend is to belong to a subscription service such Netflix or Hulu Plus.  These options allow you to stream video to whatever device you wish without having to leave the comfort of your house.

Well, Redbox is positioning itself to get in on the subscription service track.  Mitch Lowe, Redbox President, told analysts that its new online movie service would be subscription based just like NetFlix.  Users will pay a monthly fee and be able to stream to a laptop or a through an Android app. The kiosks won’t be going away though. Customers will still be able access movies at the RedBox.

Lowe did mention they would be partnering with someone else, but was not clear who that would be.  Rumors suggest it could be Cinema Now.   Amazon, Vudu and Walmart are all possibilities as well. They are rumored to be launching subscription services of their own.

Disney has decided to up what it charges Netflix and Redbox for the DVDs.  Currently they charge below the wholesale price,that will change as Disney wants to charge full wholesale price instead.  DVD’s will still available the same day a movie goes on sale.

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