Robots To Get Their Own Internet

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Should Robots have their own internet?  Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich seem to think so. They are busy working on RoboEarth, a repository for files, information, and instructions for things robots have learned that can be shared independently.

RoboEarth researcher, Dr. Markus Waibel says that a lack of standardization keeps robots isolated and ineffective at helping humans day to day.

Providing access to a communication system and database like RoboEarth will give robots the ability to download and upload knowledge on an array of topics. They could learn tasks such as how to set a table, or how to clean.

The intent of RoboEarth is to close the loop between robots. It will be implemented on a Server with both Internet and Intranet functionalities.

Dr. Wailbel told the BBC, “The key is allowing robots to share knowledge. That’s really new.”

The project began four years ago and employs 35 researchers. They have successfully taught the robots to upload maps of locations and download descriptions of some tasks and execute them. 

What could possibly go wrong with giving robots the means to share knowledge?  This is a scary frontier.  Hopefully the server doesn’t fall into the wrong hands or we could be faced with robot terrorism.


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