Rock Out at Reduced Rates!

With the popularity of discount sites like Groupon and Living Social, music companies are jumping on the bandwagon and offering audiophiles concert experiences on the cheap.

Groupon and Live Nation recently became bedfellows to birth GrouponLive. You can sign up now but the service doesn't officially launch until summer. Here are a few others to check out.

Another collabo occurred between RCRD LBL, a free mp3 site, and Topspin, an artist marketing company, to create RCRD Deals. Every week there are several "flash sales" on exclusive and unique music products and experiences.

For those more into fashion, 1band1brand introduces exactly what the name says, every week. You can "name your price" to download tunes from emerging artists, and then receive coupon codes for discounted shopping on new independent fashion labels.

Hello Music serves up daily deals for musicians who like to save money on equipment and studio time. The site works directly with manufacturers and studio owners. Plus, bands can upload tracks and the digital scouting team will send them off to partners who can help them hit the big time!

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