Samsung Concept Camera Makes Sharing Easy

There is a great concept camera designed by Samsung.  It is perfect for the casual shutterbug and so much easier to share photos of social events.

How many times have you been out with friends for the day and captured the fun with your point and click camera? Then weeks go by before you bother to download the images and send them to your pals via email.  It’s frustrating for them and embarrassing for you.

It would be so much easier if your inexpensive Kodak was able to share photos easily. Unfortunately, they don’t have the capability to share immediately.  Sooner or later the point and clicks will need to connect and share with other devices to stay relevant and useful.

Samsung may be onto something with their new concept camera.  It will make connecting and sharing a breeze.  The UCIM camera, designed by Jung Eun, features three USB ports to house three USB hubs.  When you take a photo with it the images will be saved by all three hubs. The neat thing is you just give your friends a hub and they have the images before you part ways.

It’s a great idea. Anyone with a USB memory stick can access the photos you take then and there.

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