Samsung Unveils Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S 4 to the world last night, prompting many to wonder if the iPhone has finally met its match. The flashy unveiling ceremony included a full orchestra, song and dance numbers, elaborate costumes, and even a suspended car. But is the new device worth all the hoopla? Samsung CEO JK Shin says yes.

“For each of us, life is a journey. What you want is a device that can help us on the journey,” Shin said at the ceremony, held at New York City’s Radio Music Hall. “We will make life richer, simpler, and fuller.”

Notable features include the Dual Camera, which allows users to take a photo using front and rear cameras, and Smart Scroll, which tracks a user’s eye movement and scrolls accordingly. Galaxy S 4 owners can also connect their phones via Group Play and enjoy multiple-user games. Despite these exciting perks, some say the new phone is less revolutionary and more evolutionary. 

“The S 4 appears to be a continued evolution more than revolution,” writes a reporter for Fox. “While every category appears to have been improved, there’s nothing that resoundingly screams ‘breakthrough.’”

The Galaxy S 4 will be available at the end of April, though Samsung didn’t reveal the price. Past premium Samsung phones went for $200 with a new contract. Sprint will offer plans for the slick new device. 


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