Self Test for STDs on Your Cell

Forget having to trudge to a doctor for those pesky sexually transmitted disease diagnoses. University of London scientists are about to revolutionize the sexual health industry with a self testing iPhone application. 

Do I have to pee on my phone? No! You just have to pee on a device that plugs into your phone!

The project is called eSTI2, as in electronic self testing instruments for STIs. (I guess it's PC nowadays to call them "infections" rather than "diseases".) A special device using nanotechnology welcomes your sample, then once plugged into your phone, the software reveals your fate. You either rejoice with relief, or send an immediate text to your pharmacist. Amazing!

Dr. Tariq Sadiq envisions vending machines with these mobile devices and believes this system will reduce infection rates and improve sexual health. "The required technology is very close to becoming a reality," he said.

Source: Daily Mail

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