Slick Gadgets Don’t Get the Girl

Bad news for gadget-loving guys. It seems the majority of women don’t find smartphones or iPads all that attractive (who would’ve thought).

According to the “Gadgetology” study conducted by, a consumer electronics website, only 36% of women surveyed find a guy with slick gadgets attractive as compared to approximately 50% of men.

“More women under 35 say they are more attracted to someone walking a dog than someone using a cool phone," Retrevo said in a blog post detailing the survey results.

Again, not too surprising. What woman is more attracted to a show off waving an iPad around than a guy walking his beloved dog?

However, guys too are generally unimpressed by gadgets. The study, “iPads Don’t Make You Look As Cool As You Think,” also found that both sexes are more attracted to men and women reading a real-life book than those reading from Apple’s popular iPads. The survey also suggested that gadgets are more of a turn-off than a turn-on when all genders and income brackets were combined.

Unless a person is rich.

Interestingly, those earning over $200,000 per year found people with slick gadgets more attractive than those poor bastards without. So gold diggers may want to invest in some high-tech gear to snag the sugar daddy or sugar mama of their dreams.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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