Sony Debuts Mobile 3D Headset

Do you prefer watching movies alone? Does your frequent gaming disturb family and friends? Then the Sony HMZ Personal 3D viewer may be for you.

The device, which targets men and women who prefer solitary entertainment, is a head-mounted display that allows users to watch music videos, movies, and games in 3D. A combination of goggles and headphones, the 3D viewer can be worn at home or on the go (if you don’t mind looking a little silly).

"The hardest part for us was to make it as small-sized as possible, while maintaining high definition, but we succeeded," said Shigeru Kato, a Sony vice president. "People can enjoy watching a favorite movie or play a videogame on their own without bothering other family members."

According to USA Today’s Yuri Kageyama, viewing the footage “feels like peering into a dolls house in which a real-life tiny singer is moving.”

Tech enthusiasts can use the headset for watching videos, listening to music and playing videogames by plugging it into a Blu-ray disc player or game console.

The new viewer goes on sale in Japan on November 11 and will cost approximately 60,000 yen, or around $800. Sony also plans to sell the 3D viewer in America, though the company has not announced any specific launch dates.

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