Soulja Boy Blows $55M on Birthday Jet

Happy birthday dear Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, happy birthday to you! The newly turned 21-year-old rapper is celebrating the milestone by customizing a Gulfstream G5 jet with Brazilian hardwood floors, Italian leather seats, and four liquor loaded bars!

While that posh birthday present set him back a mere $55 million, Soulja Boy plans to profit off his birthday party.

According to his birthday bash website, you too can watch all the gansta glitz and glamour of the event for just $2.99! Red carpet arrivals, celebrities appearances, and live performances are all promised by "the legend in the flesh" himself.

If this video doesn't convince you to hop up out your bed, turn your swag on, and tune in to his birthday bash, then you're wiggity wiggity wack son.

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