Spider Man 4 Scrapped, Franchise to Move in New Direction

Fans of the extremely popular Spider Man series may be disappointed to learn that director Sam Raimi has officially abandoned Spider Man 4. Filming for the movie was scheduled to begin next month with a release expected sometime next year; however script conflicts and schedule concerns reportedly lead to a decision to “reboot,” the franchise.

Columbia Studios and Sony Pictures have announced plans for a Spider Man prequel focusing on Peter Parker’s high school years.  However, the franchise’s major stars, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, will not appear in the new movie. Director Sam Raimi will also not be involved. Currently, there is no official word on who will direct or star in the new film, although a release is tentatively planned for summer 2012.

The decision to abandon Spider Man 4 will reportedly cost millions of dollars.

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