Spot Aims to Take on Redbox

Yet another contender has entered the competitive world of DVD rentals and this one has Redbox in its sites. Public Media Work’s “Spot. The Difference” is a new movie rental kiosk company that claims to beat Redbox in both price and convenience.

With DVD and Blue-ray rental prices of $1 per day or 89 cents for two days if rented in pairs, Spot beats Redbox’s Blue-ray prices by fifty cents. Spot kiosks also feature two video slots, one for rentals and another for returns, eliminating frustrating waits in line. After all, who hasn’t rolled up to a Redbox with the aim of returning last night’s DVD as quickly as possible only to be stuck behind some slowpoke intent on viewing every disc in the machine?

"We believe this launch hails the next generation of entertainment kiosks," Greg Waring, President and Chief Operating Officer of Public Media Works, said in a release. "By listening to consumers we've addressed several pitfalls inherent in current kiosk offerings, including low capacity, slow service times, and the perception of price gouging for Blu-ray.”

So far, Spot kiosks are only located in Riverside, California but the new company hopes to expand later this year.

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