Sprint to Launch RIM 4G PlayBook

Recently RIM introduced the Blackberry Playbook tablet, designed to rival the iPad but with features that are unavaliable on the Apple tablet. Currently the model available is only equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities. A 4G version is coming this summer.

Sprint has announced it will carry the PlayBook 4G. Their website provides little information other than to say “Enjoy front and rear-facing HD cameras and a Flash-capable web browser on the blazing fast Sprint 4G network. The BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablet arrives this summer.”

BlackBerry’s core demographic has been the corporate crowd. Research In Motion is taking aim at that same group and gearing the PlayBook towards them.

The advantage of the 4G model is that it is accessible when Wi-Fi isn’t available. It does cost a bit more to purchase and operate but in the long run is ideal for the road warrior.

Sprint also boasts that is has or will launch 22 new devices that use 4G, or 4th generation wireless networks. The 4G technology that Sprints uses is called WiMax, but will likely use LTE (Long Term Evolution) more frequently.

Despite the announcement,the Sprint website doesn’t provide pricing information or exact ship dates for the new 4G BlackBerry PlayBook. They will be the exclusive providers of the 4G version of the tablet.

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