Spy Gadgets That Would Make Great Holiday Gifts

Who hasn’t dreamed of being James Bond or Maxwell Smart or maybe even Inspector Clouseau?  So maybe you can’t actually be them, but it might be fun to pretend.  With the latest spy gadgets on the market playing spy just got better. Here are my top three picks to consider this holiday season.

There is the DocuPen X series scanner by Planon. It features a 200MHz processor, Bluetooth, 64MB of memory, a small OLED screen and a microSD memory card slot for expanding storage.  Imagine how quickly you could scan documents with this handy pen. This is the more grown up item on th list with practical purposes.

Then there is the mini lighter with a built in digital camera by eCrater. You just flip the lighter open, turn it on and snap the shot.  The camera holds 100 pictures and comes with USB cables. This would be a cool gadget for happy hour. You could discreetly snap photos of people to put up on your social networking page.

One that could be a lot of fun is the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch.  It has a bunch of features including a lie detector and a voice changer. The lie detector measures the stress levels in a voice to determine if someone is being truthful. It’s fairly accurate too, at least better than the Magic 8 Ball. The voice changer actually allows an adult voice to sound like a child’s and a child’s to sound like an old man. How much fun would this toy be?

Each of these could be very cool gifts for that brother of yours or the nephew in need a something other than video games.  Perhaps they might even be on your own wish list.  

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