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Here’s something I did not know, every digital photo taken contains metadata that leaves clues like where, when and with what camera the image was taken.  That’s a bit spooky and probably worries some people who fiercely guard their privacy.

CNN reported last year when the discovery was made that, “This data, called Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) can contain the exact GPS coordinates for where the photo was taken. This information is readily accessible and can be plugged into software such as Google Maps- leading some security and photography experts to express concerns about amateurs unknowingly disclosing private information, such as the location of their home.”

Well, having this information may serve a positive purpose.  Matt Burns, a savvy guy, as created a search engine that allows you to track down your stolen camera.  It works by dropping a photo into the Stolen Camera Finder website. The site then searches for the metadata and sends bots out to find other photos with the same information.  If it locates a match that is not one of your photos you might be able to track down the loser who stole your camera. 

That’s a bit too much trouble to go through for a camera that is easily replaceable with a trip to Best Buy. Don't you think?


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