Study: Internet Explorer Users Not as Smart as Users of Other Browsers

Are users of Internet Explorer less intelligent than users of other browsers? According to a new study, the answer is yes.  

The study, conducted by the web consulting company AptiQuant, found that the more obscure the browser, the more intelligent the user. Users of Internet Explorer, the world’s most popular browser, ranked the lowest in intelligence, while Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users scored slightly higher. Men and women who use obscure browsers like Camino and Opera ranked “exceptionally higher.”

AptiQuant arrived at these findings after giving 100,000 volunteers an online IQ test, noting which browser the test takers used. Users of Internet Explorer scored an average of 80, while Opera users typically scored over 120.

However, as CNN’s Doug Gross points out, AptiQuant hardly appears to be a fan of Microsoft, as evidenced below. 

"It is common knowledge that Internet Explorer Versions 6.0 to 8.0 are highly incompatible with modern web standards. In order to make websites work properly on these browsers, web developers have to spend a lot of unnecessary effort ...," said the report from AptiQuant. “Now that we have a statistical pattern on the continuous usage of incompatible browsers, better steps can be taken to eradicate this nuisance.”

Do you buy the results of AptiQuant’s study? Which browser do you use? I’ve gotten into the habit of using Firefox but I hardly think I’m more intelligent that people who use Internet Explorer.

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