Study: Many People Feel Lonely, Depressed Without the Internet


Could you handle a night or two away from your smart phone, computer, or other electronic device? While forgoing texting and tweeting might seem simple enough, a new survey has found that many people feel depressed and lonely if they can’t get online.

Intersperience, the British company that conducted the survey, came to this conclusion after asking 1,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 to disconnect from the Web for one full day. Participants were not allowed to text, chat online, access their social networking accounts, or connect to the Net in any way. So how did folks feel about being disconnected?

Not good. A significant number of participants, 40%, reported feeling anxious, lonely, and depressed with one going as far to say that being without a web-enabled device was like having a hand chopped off. Another described the experience as his or her “biggest nightmare.” However, not all respondents felt woebegone without the Web. Some, approximately 23%, reported feeling happy and free after a day offline.

Not surprisingly, those under 40 had the toughest time giving up their smart phones and electronic devices.

Would you have a tough time unplugging from the Internet for just one day?

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