Take That, Tailgaters!

Men on mopeds just hate it when cars creep up close behind them on the road. Colin Furze decided to do something about it.

His fire-breathing scooter will be sure to make any motorist back up... or else be engulfed in flames! A simple press of a button on the handlebars will send a fiery blast back 15 feet! Colin says his flammable invention makes him feel just like James Bond, including real danger when the wind is blowing strong in the wrong direction. He's now modified the bike with a lever to adjust the angle of the flame.

Of course this vehicle is not legal for road use, with the authorities reminding Colin that firing flames while driving is the equivalent of using a firearm. But he's no stranger to risky, daredevil antics with his own YouTube channel dedicated to ignoring the rules and breaking records.

Check out his scorching scooter video:

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