Teen Drivers Get Tracked with New App

A grandpa in Tennessee is the creator of a new smartphone app that tracks teenage drivers. Paul Hart knew there was a need for it while he was in the car with his granddaughter.

"I was riding with my granddaughter one day down the four lane road, and I looked over, and we were riding too fast," said Hart. So he developed SIPS, the Safety Information and Protection System. Currently the app is only available for Androids, but will be released for iPhones within a few weeks.

Once both the teenage driver and the parental guardian download the app, the fun begins. Parents can set up "boundaries" that a teen must stay within, or else an alert is sent. The app can also tell when a driver is speeding and again notify the parent.

"If you're speeding or out of bounds or texting and driving, you will get a Google map through a text message and it will show you where they are and when the infraction occurred," Hart said.

This isn't the first app monitoring teens driving habits. The iGuardian Teen app, also available for Androids, emails parents a whole report after each driving session, detailing speed, acceleration, GPS locations, and more. It also features automatic accident detection and a dash camera. 

"There are many monitoring services already on the market, but they all require hardware to be installed and cost hundreds of dollars," said Mark Loges, President of iGuardian Teen. "This is the first app-only solution, and it provides more services and more versatility than hardware-only options, with a much lower cost."

iGuardian Teen can be downloaded on a driver's smartphone for $19.99, while the SIPS 2-part app is $0.99 for the teen and $14.99 for the parent.

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