The Commodore 64 Returns

Prior to 1982 no one had heard of a personal computer. These days, every room in the house is hooked up with a PC.  It all started with the release of the infamous Commodore 64 and then Atari 800, Apple II and IIe.  But the C64 became the most beloved of the group, altering the way people interacted with a computer.

Well, it’s back to the future for the 29 year old personal computer.   Commodore USA has revealed a new version of the C64 along with an updated OS.  The new prototype comes with a web browser and a Microsoft Office compatible suite of productivity tools.

 “The new Commodore 64 is fully functional and PC compatible, so you can even install and use the latest versions of Windows if you really feel you need to,” says the company. “We provide a beautiful graphical boot menu at start up form which windows can be selected to run, so you needn’t lose any of the functionality of the new C64’s included Commodore operating systems”. 

The 1982 C64 was primarily a gaming device.  At the time the 64 stood for the number of kilobytes of RAM it had. Today it is loaded with 2GB of DDR3Ram, and boasts a 1.8 GHz dual core Intel Atom 525 processor with a Nvidia Ion 2 GPU.

The base model will have a 250 GB hard drive and will run $595. For the top of the line version with has a 1TB hard drive will run you about $895.

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