The Gregory Brothers Create Songify App

If you're familiar with "Bed Intruder", "Double Rainbow", and "Winning", you're likely a fan of Schmoyoho aka The Gregory Brothers. Known for their viral videos, the foursome (consisting of three brothers and a wife) "songify" videos with catchy beats and auto-tune.

Now you can create songified sensations from your very own voice with their new iPhone app.

Khush Inc., the company behind the reverse karaoke LaDiDa app, helped the group bring their app aspirations to their internet audience. The instructions are super simple. Tap to begin recording, speak, then tap to stop. The app magically turns your blabbing into musical bliss!

"This is the next level for democratizing this for our fans," says Michael Gregory. "Because they’re always asking us, ‘How can I do this, too? Like when I see a Double Rainbow, I want to scream out in joy, but that won’t make it into a song. How do I do that?’ So now we’re able to interact with them and give them the opportunity to do that."

Currently the Songify app is free so check it out!

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