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Comic books sales have significantly suffered over the past five years so DC Comics developed a plan to save its superheroes from a dastardly demise. The New 52 hopes to gain new readers and refresh the perspectives of former fans by starting all the storylines over at issue Number 1.

73-year-old Superman is whisked back to his 20s, while Batman and Robin become brand new partners. Will this bold move make a difference in the decline?

DC Comics has already received 200,000 pre-orders for the new Number 1 issue of Justice League, but some longtime fans are so far unimpressed.

"Frankly I really didn’t care for it," said Gregg Neville, a comic book fan who recently read the new Justice League. "It’s the first issue of a comic book that’s supposed to be about the Justice League, who are DC comics’ iconic super team, but only ended up featuring two members with a couple of cameos from other ones."

Since the storylines are starting at the beginning, readers knew there would background filler and character development, but the first issues may bore current fans.

"It was all origin and exposition, which is a bit alienating for current fans like me," said Neville. "I’d also assume it would be a little confusing for new readers picking up a comic book with Superman and Wonder Woman on the cover but finding the former only appearing on a single page, and the latter not in the book at all."

However, Neville and others who share his opinions still have hope for future issues.

An added feature of The New 52 is that all of the re-numbered titles will become available digitally via apps and its own website on the same day that they arrive in stores.

Check out this video of DC's Dan DiDio and company talking about this monumental move in comic book history.

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