The Piggy Bank of All Piggy Banks

The Piglet Bank

Why bother with a fake, plastic piggy bank when you can have the real thing? Colin Hart from Belfast is selling Piglet Banks, made from real taxidermied pigs!

You can purchase one for just $4,000 on, which offers other fabulous products like HickyTats and ManBibs. But you may have to wait up to 12 months to receive it. "We are not going to kill a piglet, we wait for one to die of natural causes," said Hart. "That's partly why it can take over 12 months to make."

Animal rights activists are still up in arms over the piggy bank and Hart has even received death threats! "I've had all sorts of crazy messages, one person even emailed me to say they thought it was disgusting that I was breeding pigs with a slot in their back," he said.

Hart has several strange inventions that have caused problems in the past. Airport security wasn't too pleased with his suitcase stickers. They appear to show items like drugs, sex toys, money, and even a kidnapped flight attendant inside your luggage.

"Some people may think my creations are distasteful but it's just a bit of fun," he explains. "And I never expected the reaction I have from the Piglet Bank ... Taxidermy has been around for centuries, I'm just giving it a modern twist."

While he just thought it would be a funny and clever creation, he didn't imagine making any real money off the products. However, 3 people have already expressed interest. Hart claims that when they do sell one, they will donate the profits to an animal rights charity.

Which would you choose? Bank or bacon?

Source: The Telegraph

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